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Fourth of July Extravaganza

Many Clintonians may not realize it, but the Clinton Chamber started the annual Clinton Fourth of July Extravaganza. Hosting the event from 1991 to 2008, the Clinton Chamber and an array of tireless volunteers helped create many patriotic summertime memories for families in our area.

Traditionally held at Traceway Park in Clinton, the Fourth of July Extravaganza brought our community together to celebrate our nation’s birthday and enjoy a day of fun, food, and entertainment. After sunset each year, the festivities culminated in a grand fireworks display to amaze both young and older attendees.

Always a popular event, the Fourth of July Extravaganza grew continually from its start to the treasured holiday celebration it is today. Although the event outgrew the small group of volunteers and Clinton Chamber staff who gave it life, we are thankful that the City of Clinton continues this special event each year for new generations to enjoy. Make sure you mark your calendar for this wonderful, annual community celebration!

July 4, 2005 Aerial