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Taylor Power Systems

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Special Thanks to Our Key Investors

“Along with improved economic development, people should shop locally because it encourages and supports the continued sense of community that is demonstrated throughout the city. Although we’re excited about the continuous growth of Clinton, entering businesses where people still ‘know your name,’ or may be familiar with you personally, just makes you feel appreciated and even more a part of the community.”

Laurie Lawson, Clinton Community Christian Corporation

“When we shop local there’s the obvious benefit of supporting the business owners and their families in our community. It also gives us the opportunity to form relationships within the community beyond our usual circles.”

Erin Fults, Acorn Studio

“It's important to support our local businesses since these are the families we live next to, go to church with and send our kids to church with. All revenue from shopping locally eventually funnels back to the city of Clinton and the Clinton Public School District. I want to see the standard of living increase for all Clinton residents, and the opportunities grow for future generations. This is done by supporting our local businesses.”

Tim Bruss, State Farm