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Past Presidents

Each year, our Chamber president is very lucky to follow in the footsteps of some great leaders. There has been a long line of outstanding presidents from a variety of backgrounds and industries. It is important to salute the many people who have served as the leaders of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce and who are still actively involved not only in the Chamber but also in our city.

Thank you from the Clinton Chamber to these fabulous leaders!

Tronnie Lacy2020
Tim Bruss2019
Tracey Harrison2018
Molly Parks2017
Nathan Cummins2016
Kim Condon2015
Jim Turcotte2014
Quentin Brewer2013
Clay Mansell2012
John Murphy2011
George Broadstreet2010
Nolan Aikens2009
Rob Logan2008
Steve Stanford2007
Mark G. Bailey2006
J. Randall Mascagni2005
Estelle Murphy Sherer2004
Ryan Tracy2003
Rita Anderson2002
Janice Taylor2001
Daniel J. Gore2000
Rita Anderson1999
Greg Gearhart1998
Nancy Lottridge Anderson1997
Tony Hisaw1996
John W. Murphy, Jr.1995
Bruce K. Harris1994
Johnnie Ruth Hudson1993
David Stevens1992
Cris Crisler1991
Terry Anderson1990
Harold Alderman1989
Grace Walker1988
Mickey Milligan1987
Carey Evans1986
Charles Dukes1985
Edward McMillan1984
Herman Cooper1983
Walter Howell1982
Virgil Belue1981
Herb Touchton1980
Faye McNeil1979
Wayne Burkes1978
Nancy Cahill1977
Dewitt Laney1976
Grover McDonald1975
Joseph Ashker1974
Norman H. Gough1973
Carey Evans1972
Cliff Mayfield1971
Ray Tomlinson1970
Gladstone   Williams1969
Laney Lanier1968
Ed McDonald1967
Gladstone Williams1966
H. C. McGee1965
H. C. McGee1964
Walter Maddox1963
Walter Maddox1962