Volunteer Project

CCYL has adopted the Mississippi River Basin Model (MRBM) as an ongoing volunteer project. 

The MRBM landmark is located within Buddy Butts Park, which although owned by Jackson, is adjacent to the City of Clinton and mainly accessed through Clinton. This now unused landmark was a large-scale hydraulic model of the entire Mississippi River basin, covering an area of 200 acres. The model was built from 1943 to 1966 and in operation from 1949 until 1973.  By comparison, the better-known San Francisco Bay Model covers 1.5 acres and the Chesapeake Bay Model covers 8 acres.

The historic model located on the edge of Clinton is being restored through the efforts of the Friends of the Mississippi River Basin Model. The MRBM has been named a National Historic Civil Engineering landmark, and community efforts to restore the model and keep its historical feature intact have been supported by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

CCYL students will be doing their part this year to support these efforts in cleaning, preserving, and restoring this nationally recognized piece of American heritage right here in our backyard.